Mark Joseph Toschik  2002

 Ranger Mark Toschik is inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame for his conspicuous heroic service to his country in time of war and for his devotion to the Ranger Creed in never leaving a fallen comrade behind.

In March, 1970, 2nd Lt. Toschik volunteered for Ranger duty as platoon leader with 1st Platoon, Company E (Ranger), 75th Infantry, 3d Brigade, 9th Infantry Division in Tan An, Long An Province, Republic of Vietnam, engaging in combat operations against hostile forces in the Mekong Delta and in Cambodia.

On 11 August 1970, 1st Lt. Mark Toschik was killed in action in Dinh Tuong Province, Republic of Vietnam and was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action and the National Order of Vietnam, Fifth Class. The circumstances leading to these awards are as follows: Ranger Toschik was flying Command and Control and had inserted Teams1-4. As the helicopter lifted off, it came under intense automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenade fire. Ranger Toschik moved to the left door to assist the door gunner in engaging three enemy soldiers firing from the ground. Although wounded twice, he continued to place highly accurate fire on enemy positions. The action was quick and fierce, and Ranger Toschik fought back savagely with all available resources. Having expended his 30 round magazine, he grabbed up and emptied the 20 round magazines of two additional M16 rifles. He was then wounded a third time as the helicopter received a direct hit from a Rocket Propelled Grenade round. Ranger Toschik now fired all the rounds of his 9mm and, to attest to the relative closeness of the encounter, he threw the empty pistol at the enemy. He then ripped the .38 cal. pistol from the copilot�s shoulder holster and emptied it before the helicopter hit the ground and burst into flames. Upon impact, Ranger Toschik, though mortally wounded, disregarded his own wounds and managed to pull the copilot and then moved to the far side of the craft in search of other wounded aircrew. Ranger Toschik could go no farther and succumbed to his wounds. Ranger Toschik�s conspicuous valor and unwavering dedication to his comrades, for whom he willingly and without reservation made the ultimate sacrifice, exemplifies the highest ideals if the Ranger Creed, �I WILL NEVER LEAVE A FALLEN COMRADE TO FALL INTO THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY.�

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