From the Album of David Stone

Dale Dickey

Dave Stone - Bruce Nichols

Herb "Frosty" Frost 

Ron Wilson - George Fisher - Bob Maushardt

Ron Wilson 

Dave Stone

Pat "Claymore" Lafferty 

Ron Wilson

 Mike "Slow Marty" Martin

Ron Hiscox - Fred Wheeler

Ray Sonnier - Dave Stone

Bruce Nichols - Dennis McNally

Gary "Lum" and Geishla Jones  

Gary Jones - Dave Stone

Wayne Fentress - Gloria Bartell - Jack DeLaney - Patty Stone

Jack DeLaney

Barbara and Jack DeLaney

Dave Stone - Jesse Deleon - Jack DeLaney - Mike Martin - Wayne Fentress - Bruce Sartwell

Bruce Sartwell - Dave Stone

Sartwell - DeLaney- Martin - Stone - Fentress - Hiscox

Mike Martin - Patty Stone

Monroe Pickard

Life October 25 1968

Pat "Claymore" Lafferty - Tony Hanlon - Dave Stone - Rick Ehrler - Gary Jones - Nick Selby - Jim Martens

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