2006 Reunion California

The L A mini reunion was a great success!! In attendance was Fred Jenkins with his son Trey, Bob Copeland, Marshall Larsen, Gerald Cody, Mattie Mathews, Ben Fajardo with his wife, John Berg, Greg and Sharla Foreman, Shirley Parrish with her daughters Karen and Crystal, Ron Tessensohn, Bob Hernandez, and Don Andrews.

Some of the folks arrived Wednesday and we gathered at the local VFW for some conversation over a few beers. The rest joined us Thursday, some taking in the local sights and the rest relaxed at the motel. Friday was a drive to Venice Beach where we observed some of the "Freaks" of L A. One in particular was a middle aged guy wearing a thong. I can attest that the view from the front was a lot worse than the back end!! That evening we had dinner at P J Changs.

Saturday we were joined by some fellow LRRP/Rangers from several of the other units. Ron Imel - 1st Division, Mike Calis and John Klone - 4th Division, Bob Giles - 1st Cavalry, Mark Miller - E Company Rangers, and Art Dolick - C Company Rangers.

After dinner we held a raffle and Shirley won a ceramic black beret and Bob Hernandez took in one of the hand carved plaques designed and carved by Tess.

Ron Imel was lucky enough to win a ceramic beret and  one of the plaques donated by Tess. Ron donated the plaque back for a second draw with Mike Callis picking it up the second time around.

Tess presented each of us with a beautiful certificate suitable for framing. Thanks for the great job and generosity Tess.

Sunday we said our good byes. John Berg, Tess, and Bob Copland extended their stay a few days as the rest headed home to prepare for the next big event in Florida next year.




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