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Our "Retired", yet still VERY active, Unit Director Emeritus, Duane "Poncho" Alire has issued another "Special Report". Poncho and Rick Stetson travelled to South Dakota to visit with and honor Clancy Matsuda for his work and dedication in making the LRRP what it was. Thank you, Poncho and Rick, and
THANK YOU, Clancy Matsuda, for Leading the Way!!!


Rick Stetson has penned a report covering the West Point Memorial segment of our Reunion. Whether you were there or not, it is well worth the read.


Our incredibly handsome and ever loquacious WebMaster has recommended two excellent books for your reading pleasure. While reading these books is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. There will be a quiz at the 2017 Reunion!!!


Our Ranger Brother, Paul Newman, has sent us compilation of photos and memorable moments from our Hudson Valley Reunion.
It can be viewed here. Enjoy!


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